Have you heard of winter sandals?

In Japan, sandals are considered more than mere footwear. They're a time-honored legacy, woven into the fabric of history. An inseparable component of a kimono's elegance. The very footwear that accompanies a Buddhist monk on their spiritual odyssey. A symbol of unrestricted liberty. But when autumn descends over Tokyo, temperatures drop below 10 °C, and the cold continues through winter. A tale of two realms unfolds – the frosty expanse outside, and the cozy warmth inside.

SUBU is the bridge between these dichotomous worlds. Elevating practicality to new levels, SUBU redefines the very essence of outdoor shoes, revealing a surprising blend of softness and functionality. Its contemporary, sleek design effortlessly complements diverse ensembles. Within
moments, SUBU places the world outside at your fingertips, even in the heart of winter. Imagine taking a midnight stroll through your neighborhood, a leisurely saunter into nearby woodlands, or a crackling bonfire session at a campsite. Here, practicality and elegance meld seamlessly.

In this intersection of tradition and innovation, SUBU offers you a bridge between the finest of both realms.


SUBU Director

SUBU is far from being a mere fashion accessory

Instead, we conceive and craft SUBU as a utilitarian essential, designed to seamlessly integrate into our everyday lives, embodying the essence of "fashioning daily necessities."

In our Japanese culture, the act of removing shoes indoors is a deep-rooted practice. Fueled by the country's high humidity, homes are constructed with elevated floors to enhance ventilation. This tradition of stepping onto rugs or tatami mats persists, creating a foundation for contemporary living. In this context, SUBU becomes a haven, cocooning your feet in warmth during colder months and allowing outdoor ventures even while barefoot.

Yet, this extends beyond basic comfort. The four-layer insole brings more solace than merely relaxing at home. When I refer to "daily necessities as fashion," I intend to underline that these are not just sandals we've devised; they're designed companions for daily life.

For many, being barefoot or wearing socks and slippers constitutes the norm within a Japanese home, fostering an atmosphere of relaxation. Personally, I experienced the discomfort of wearing standard
sandals or uninsulated sneakers on frigid winter days when stepping out for neighborhood errands, newspaper retrieval, or a quick trip to the car.

SUBU is not a sandal suitable for walking 5 km

It's important to acknowledge that SUBU isn't tailored for lengthy treks, yet its significance goes beyond that limitation. We're advocating for the value of relaxation and those precise moments when wearing SUBU feels perfectly fitting. A life filled with opportunities to unwind and take respite is, in my view, a life well-lived.

Imagine enjoying your favorite movie—this experience flourishes in a calm setting rather than amidst stress. In a state of tranquility, you're free to indulge in your desires. To be frank, our primary focus during production isn't on optimizing for lengthy walks.

My goal is to provide such moments by capturing the essence of comfort and warmth the moment your foot embraces SUBU—instances that unfold at the perfect time or at defined intervals when you slip into the embrace of

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