A look from up close

“Winter sandals”?

Shoes you slip on and the entire world is instantly within reach. Shoes of relaxed days, explorations of the neighborhood, and clear air breathed on a laidback mountain hike. Sandals. Inspired by their concept, SUBU takes it to a whole new level by bringing to the equation an unexpected level of warmth and comfort, a sturdy sole required for the outdoor, and an original, streamlined design. Functionality and beauty come together in a previously unknown category of footwear – SUBU.




Signature model of the SUBU family. Its streamlined, heelless design makes you ready to go outside in a matter of seconds, while the inventive 4-layer sole structure lets you experience an unexpected level of comfort. Declined in a vast array of colors, SUBU is a premium basic that fits the needs of modern lifestyles.

SUBU amp


amp = amplifier
More durability, more strength. To amplify your life, we designed SUBU with a quality boost. Comfort stays but resistance improves with Cordura: a high-performance fabric that will make SUBU amp your trustworthy companion on far more demanding hikes than a regular pair of SUBU. They can be worn with the back part folded or upright – your choice. A premium line for premium needs.

Subu amp
Subu packable

SUBU packable


Always on the move? Let your favorite shoes move with you. Introduced in 2019, SUBU PACKBLE are foldable shoes that take half the space of a regular pair. Thrown inside a matching bag, they make a handy bundle that you can take on a plane, on a campsite, or slip on when relaxing after an all-day hike in the mountains. The upper of the PACKBLE edition is made of ripstop nylon, a light but durable fabric. Since it’s known for its water-repellent characteristics, no drizzle should frustrate your plans.