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subu - unexpected winter sandals


Teflon coating on the upper fabric
Raised inner fabric is especially comfortable
4 - layered cushion insole



Wear outdoor sandals in the colder months of winter. We enjoy sandals in the summer but winter is cold… SUBU is a collection of brand-new outdoor sandals for autumn and winter. Even in the cold months, you can put SUBU on bare feet whenever you go out. The shoes feel warm like a down jacket. The inner raised fabric with the insole of 4 layers fits your feet well and offers maximum comfort.

SUBU amp


Amp = Amplifier

Brand-new addition to SUBU. An amplification of your daily life, the premium basic with superior material and functionality, inspired highly by nature.

Colours of the 70s 

During the high economic growth of the 60s, pollution in Japan turned into a pressing issue. That’s when people started to focus more on the environment and natural colours came to be highly fashionable. Those are the hues that we have chosen for SUBU amp: reflecting nature, bringing to mind the sea and the forest.