凹凸 (unevenness) are Japanese kanji characters, but just by looking at them we can easily feel unevenness, or up-down, bump of the word’s meaning even when we do not know Japanese. Some kanji characters have hieroglyphic characteristics, and these characters could be a kind of a common language of the world.
There is a lot of “unevenness” in this world.
Natural waves, ground after the rain, artificial object… Compbination of the light and shadow, dark and light color compositions make thousands of expressions. Repeated small modules make unique rhythm.
Depending on your viewpoint or angle, the expression is always new.

2020 SUBU concept collection 凹凸, playing with unevenness and thousands of expressions.

A look from up close



The iconic model of the SUBU family. Its streamlined, heelless design makes you ready to go outside in a matter of seconds, while the inventive 4-layer sole structure lets you experience an unexpected level of comfort.


With the outer Teflon coating, our shoes are more resistant to water and stains than ever. The outer layer can repel most water- and oil-based liquids, causing them to bead up and roll off the fabric. Therefore, even in the case of any spills or splashes, there’s no need to worry. Excellent resistance to water and stains is guaranteed by the DuPont company.

SUBU amp


SUBU with a quality boost. Comfort stays but resistance improves with Cordura: a high-performance fabric that will make SUBU amp your trustworthy companion on far more demanding hikes than a regular pair of SUBU.


CORDURA® is a high-performance material of excellent durability used to create quality products by respected brands across the world. In backpacks, suitcases, shoes, clothes, and interior design alike, CORDURA® ensures style, endurance, and light weight. The fabric is used by many armed forces around the world which appreciate its sturdiness, versatility, and reliability. CORDURA® is a registered trademark of INVISTA for durable fabrics.

SUBU packable


A foldable model. Available since 2019, SUBU PACKBLE are made of durable ripstop nylon, perfect for outdoor excursions. Take them on a plane, on a campsite, or slip on when relaxing after an all-day hike in the mountains.

Ripstop Nylon

A lightweight but durable fabric. Threads are reinforced with a crosshatch pattern that makes the material highly resistant to tearing. Since ripstop is known also for its water-repellent characteristics, it remains a popular choice for outdoor-use products.

How to pack?


・Please wash by hand in lukewarm water with mild detergent.

・Use a soft brush to clean the dirt off.

・Once cleaned, dry thoroughly, avoiding the direct sunlight.

・Storing while dirty or moist might result in mold or discoloration. Do not wash in a washing machine. Please refrain fro drying in dryer, as may deform the EVA layer of the sole.