Do you get the beauty of a good collection?

Andy Warhol was the first to see it clearly: a shot of Marylin Monroe is pretty, but a shot of Marylin Monroe reproduced twenty times is fascinating. But Andy would have never made history with that simple realization if it didn’t resonate with all of us. No matter who you are – a philatelist, a cook who wants his spices arranged in the perfect order, or a bag-obsessed fashionista – you know that a set of lined-up objects is a feast for the eyes. And a balm for the soul.

We know it, too. And this year, we decided to celebrate this shared passion with an collection of our own.

SUBU 2019 is craziness unleashed. It will dazzle you with the neon yellow, enthrall you with the mysterious amaranth, and get your head spinning with neverending dots. But the best part is when it all comes together and turns into a s mall art gallery. A museum, maybe. And most of all – our humble tribute to the eye-opening magic of pop art. Available only this year.