Our 2022 Concept Collection features a sustainable SUBU under the theme of Relax, Recycle, Rethink:

The fashion/goods industry, that we belong in, considered the second largest industry for environmental pollution. The switch from mass production and consumption to a sustainable industry is not just a personal view but something that needs to be addressed at a global scale. We created a collection which is made from recycled materials, so that we can be part of the solution, as a small member of the industry.



Recycled materials? Recyclable materials?

Rethink materials we currently use

Should we use recycled materials? Or should we use recyclable materials? Considering we have sold/produced one million pairs; we thought that using recycled materials would be a more direct step towards solving the problem. And so, we began our search for materials…

 The word "sustainability" is a keyword used globally. As a brand, we felt we were being asked how we should understand and interpret this word. However, for better or for worse, a material is simply a material. And so, the final value for us rests in the value of the footwear (product).

 We hope that many of you will enjoy this RE: Collection, as more people cherish this collection, we hope this will be a step towards tackling this global issue.


RE:newed mood

Newly developed outsole.

New collection with approximately 70% made from recycled materials.

We started development with the goal of creating a product with at least 50% made from recycled materials. Searching and selecting the materials used for the upper fabric, inner padding, and outsole, ultimately, we were able to make the product approximately 70% from recycled materials. We also thought whether the design could be elevated with the materials. And thus, we selected and developed materials that would provide new enjoyment to the product, while making the recycled materials subtle as possible. We were especially particular about the outsole and thus developed an original material in the process. We took on the challenge of developing materials that would not compromise the original comfort of SUBU and placed importance on the material itself becoming part of the design, all the while looking “cool.”



To continue working, to be more involved in peoples’ lives, to be part of the solution

We do not want to make any loud or bold statements, but we think it is important to sustain this collection, so that we can continue to strive, and improve the quality. As a brand, it is important that we continue to work and progress. And so, our plan is to continue this challenge and develop even more attractive RE: products.

To improve the quality of our products, it is especially important for us to hear directly from the people who wear SUBU. We have learned a lot, of the many different ways and reasons people wear SUBU. We are thrilled and inspired by every voice.

To be a part of people’s lives, so that they can enjoy their days with more freedom. To be part of the solution.