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AW21 Concept Collection is a collaboration with world renown textile designers “Eley Kishimoto.” Living by the maxim “Print the World,” ELEY KISHIMOTO have always strived to create work that is executed simply, clear in intention, exhibiting a unique creative flair that rejects passing trends and fads. The collection includes the iconic “Flash” pattern, as well as 3 other patterns that fit well with fashion and outdoor scenery. The pattern is printed on Teflon coated polyester upper, which has water repellent qualities.


“Winter sandals”?

Shoes you slip on and the entire world is instantly within reach. Shoes of relaxed days, explorations of the neighborhood, and clear air breathed on a laidback mountain hike. Sandals. Inspired by their concept, SUBU takes it to a whole new level by bringing to the equation an unexpected level of warmth and comfort, a sturdy sole required for the outdoor, and an original, streamlined design. Functionality and beauty come together in a previously unknown category of footwear – SUBU.

A closer look of SUBU