Since its’ creation in 2016, SUBU has produced a total of one million pairs of shoes, with the support of many. We do not consider this amount to be small, and as we continue our production, we believe sustainability is something that needs to be addressed. The release of NANNEN in 2021 was also in line with such activities. We created a product that can endure the elements, so that our customers can use our product for a longer period. For the 2022 SUBU Concept Collection, we created products that use fabrics that is considerate to the environment. Named RE: this collection is themed around; Relax, Recycle, Rethink. And features outer made from 100% recycled PET Nylon fabric, inner made from ECOPET® polyester, regenerated cellulose fiber Bemberg™ and 20% blend of recycled polystyrene for the sole. 


“Winter sandals”?

Shoes you slip on and the entire world is instantly within reach. Shoes of relaxed days, explorations of the neighborhood, and clear air breathed on a laidback mountain hike. Sandals. Inspired by their concept, SUBU takes it to a whole new level by bringing to the equation an unexpected level of warmth and comfort, a sturdy sole required for the outdoor, and an original, streamlined design. Functionality and beauty come together in a previously unknown category of footwear – SUBU.

A closer look of SUBU