54,00 €
Größe: 35-36
Farbe: Schwarz

100 % sichere Zahlungen

  • Teflonbeschichtung auf dem Außenmaterial
  • Außergewöhnlich kuscheliges Material mit erhabenen Borsten
  • 4-lagiger Polstereinsatz
  • Lieferung mit passender Tasche

Das Kultmodell der SUBU-Familie. Das minimalistische Design ohne Ferse sorgt dafür, dass Sie in wenigen Sekunden bereit sind rauszugehen, und die einfallsreiche vierschichtige Sohlenstruktur gibt Ihnen ein beispielloses Maß an Komfort.

Die Materialien können in der Waschmaschine gewaschen werden, aber zur Sicherheit wird eine manuelle Reinigung mit lauwarmem Wasser empfohlen.



Bitte von Hand in lauwarmem Wasser mit einem milden Reinigungsmittel waschen.

Reinigen Sie den Schmutz mit einer weichen Bürste.

Nach der Reinigung gründlich trocknen und das direkte Sonnenlicht vermeiden.

Bei schmutziger oder feuchter Lagerung kann es zu Schimmel oder Verfärbungen kommen.

Nicht in einer Waschmaschine waschen.

Bitte nicht im Trockner trocknen, da dies die EVA-Schicht der Sohle verformen kann.

  1. Payment for the purchased Products may be made using one of the following methods: wire transfer to the designated account, credit card, PayPal, whichever is selected by the Client.

  2. The delivery of the purchased Products shall be completed with the use of a forwarding company or in accordance with information provided in the Order Form.

  3. The shipping cost of the purchased Product depends on the shipping method and the destination. The Client may obtain information on the exact shipping cost in the Order Form.

  4. On average, parcels are prepared for shipping within 3–7 working days of the order confirmation.

  5. Customs fees are not included in the delivery fee. The Client placing an order from outside the territory of the European Union is obliged to cover additional costs such as customs, taxes, and customs fees in accordance with local regulations.

  6. When receiving the parcel, the Client is asked to thoroughly check, in the presence of the forwarder/transport agent, that no contents of the parcel are missing, as well as to thoroughly check the condition of the packaging and the ordered Product. If the packaging seems damaged, the parcel should not be accepted or should be opened in the presence of the courier, damage report should be drawn up if needed, any potential damage should be documented as photos or videos, and the Seller should be contacted as soon as possible in order to explain the matter. Such conduct will allow for immediate resolution of the issue.

  1. In accordance with Art. 27 of the Consumer Rights Act, every Client bearing the status of the Consumer has the right to withdraw from the Agreement without stating reason within the statutory time limit of 14 days since the conclusion thereof or the receipt of the Product, whichever occurred later.

  2. In accordance with Art. 38 of the Consumer Rights Act, no Client bearing the status of the Consumer has the right to withdraw from the Agreement concerning a non-premade object manufactured according to the Consumer’s specifications and/or serving to satisfy their customised needs.

  3. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal from the agreement, the Client should file a relevant declaration of will and send it to the Seller together with the purchased Product and information on the Client’s bank account whereto the price of the Product shall be refunded.

  4. When exercising the right to withdraw from the remotely concluded agreement, the Client bears the cost of resending the Product to the Seller.

  5. Upon filing the declaration stating the will to withdraw from the Agreement, the Product price shall be returned to the Client just like the shipping cost of the Product borne at the moment of purchase up to the amount of the cheapest delivery option available in the Seller’s offer, within 14 days but not prior to the receipt of the product.

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