Have you heard
of winter sandals?

The idea was born in Japan – a country where sandals are far more than just shoes. They’re a centuries-old tradition. An inextricable part of a kimono outfit. The footgear of Buddhist monks on their spiritual journeys. And a symbol of freedom to go wherever you like.

But come November, the temperature in Tokyo often falls below 10°C and chilly days continue throughout the winter. The outside and the inside become two separate worlds: of freezing cold and pleasant warmth.

Between those two worlds, SUBU is the bridge. Offering a whole new level of functionality, they leave you surprised that outdoor shoes could ever feel so soft. Their modern, streamlined design blends well with any outfit. And in a matter of seconds, SUBU bring the outside world at your fingertips – even in the middle of winter.

Imagine a midnight stroll around the neighborhood. A laidback trip into the nearby forest. A bonfire on a campsite.

And wear functionality and beauty combined.



The iconic model of the SUBU family. Its streamlined, heelless design makes you ready to go outside in a matter of seconds, while the inventive 4-layer sole structure lets you experience an unexpected level of comfort.


With the outer Teflon coating, our shoes are more resistant to water and stains than ever. The outer layer can repel most water- and oil-based liquids, causing them to bead up and roll off the fabric. Therefore, even in the case of any spills or splashes, there’s no need to worry. Excellent resistance to water and stains is guaranteed by the DuPont company.

SUBU amp


SUBU with a quality boost. Comfort stays but resistance improves with Cordura: a high-performance fabric that will make SUBU amp your trustworthy companion on far more demanding hikes than a regular pair of SUBU.


CORDURA® is a high-performance material of excellent durability used to create quality products by respected brands across the world. In backpacks, suitcases, shoes, clothes, and interior design alike, CORDURA® ensures style, endurance, and light weight. The fabric is used by many armed forces around the world which appreciate its sturdiness, versatility, and reliability. CORDURA® is a registered trademark of INVISTA for durable fabrics.

SUBU packable


A foldable model. Available since 2019, SUBU PACKBLE are made of durable ripstop nylon, perfect for outdoor excursions. Take them on a plane, on a campsite, or slip on when relaxing after an all-day hike in the mountains.

Ripstop Nylon

A lightweight but durable fabric. Threads are reinforced with a crosshatch pattern that makes the material highly resistant to tearing. Since ripstop is known also for its water-repellent characteristics, it remains a popular choice for outdoor-use products.

A look from up close


Invented in 2016, SUBU never stops evolving. The Archive offers you an opportunity to trace the history of the brand with its subsequent collections and discover the full array of SUBU designs since its very beginning.


In 2017, SUBU joined forces with BEAMS, a leading fashion group in Japan, in a collaboration that marked many new beginnings and set the brand in previously unexplored directions.