Have you heard
of winter sandals?​

The idea was born in Japan – a country where sandals are far more than just shoes. They’re a centuries-old tradition. An inextricable part of a kimono outfit. The footgear of Buddhist monks on their spiritual journeys. And a symbol of freedom to go wherever you like.

But come November, the temperature in Tokyo often falls below 10°C and chilly days continue throughout the winter. The outside and the inside become two separate worlds: of freezing cold and pleasant warmth.

Between those two worlds, SUBU is the bridge. Offering a whole new level of functionality, they leave you surprised that outdoor shoes could ever feel so soft. Their modern, streamlined design blends well with any outfit. And in a matter of seconds, SUBU bring the outside world at your fingertips – even in the middle of winter.

Imagine a midnight stroll around the neighborhood. A laidback trip into the nearby forest. A bonfire on a campsite.

And wear functionality and beauty combined.

Discoveries and surprises of daily life

They embrace you in the feeling of relaxation and freedom. Isn’t it so, that only when the freedom appears, we can face the “favorite objects” and “new things” purely and without distractions?

We get our favorite objects. We challenge the new things. These surely are full of discoveries and surprises, and they definitely enrich our daily lives.

Favorite objects, new things, one step at a time

We are grateful that SUBU remains a brand loved by people, who like to start things with one small step at a time.
Favorite object and new things are different for everyone, and that is where freedom comes from. When we shape our favorite objects and keep challenging the new things, we can share that process and time with others.
At SUBU, we would like to encourage each and every one of those steps.

Let’s take another step. With sandals on

Unexpected winter sandals.
For us, it is our favorite object, and it was a new thing we tried to do.
We hope to continue, through our sandals, to have many fruitful encounters with people and to help them take a step out, freely and genuinely.


Invented in 2016, SUBU never stops evolving. The Archive offers you an opportunity to trace the history of the brand with its subsequent collections and discover the full array of SUBU designs since its very beginning.

SUBU X F.C.R.B. 2020